The modern and elegant 4-star Hotel Tent Granada, in addition to an impeccable service and facilities designed for the maximum comfort of our guests, offers an unbeatable location, next to the Fuentenueva Park and the University of Granada. Emblematic places such as the Monastery of San Jerónimo and the Cathedral of Granada are just a short walk from our hotel. And the emblem of the city, the Alhambra, is 20 minutes by public transport from the hotel door.

Furthermore, the hotel is located in a strategic point where the AVE/Renfe train station, the bus stop of the airport line and the bus station, as well as the "La Caleta" stop of the Metropolitano of Granada converge.

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Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral is located just 15 minutes' walk from Hotel Tent Granada.

Located in the heart of the city centre, it is one of the most imposing monuments in the city and a masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance. The most ambitious project was a great Gothic cathedral with a royal chapel to house the remains of Isabella and Ferdinand, the Catholic Monarchs. Although its construction was planned for 1506, the sudden death of Queen Isabella meant that the Royal Chapel had to be built first to bury her. The foundations were laid on the site of the old Great Mosque of Granada. After the death of the main architect, Diego de Siloé took over and changed the entire design to build a majestic Renaissance cathedral.

Albaicín neighbourhood

The Albaicín neighbourhood is located just 20 minutes' walk from the hotel.

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it was the seed of the current city of Granada, still preserving the magic of its Arab past, although Iberians, Greeks, Romans and Visigoths have lived in its streets. Its greatest splendour was during the Nasrid period, when more than thirty mosques were built. The layout of its streets corresponds to typical Muslim urban planning, with labyrinthine narrow streets and dead ends. During the Muslim rule, luxurious villas were also built, housing lush green spaces that served as gardens and orchards, traditionally known as 'Carmen'. Its buildings, its squares and the very structure of its streets allow the observant visitor to recognise the different cultural and social transformations of the city.

Royal Monastery of San Jerónimo

The Monastery of San Jerónimo was the first Christian monastery built after the Reconquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, and is the resting place of the Gran Capitán. It is only a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

This Renaissance complex includes the Church of San Jerónimo and two cloisters surrounded by the different rooms and a chapel. Although originally planned to be built in a Gothic style, the final result was a Renaissance monastery with a large Latin cross church inside. Much of the work was financed by the widow of El Gran Capitán.

Elvira Gate

The Puerta or Arco de Elvira is located 5 minutes from the hotel.

It was the access point to the Alhacaba and the Albaicín from the road to Medina Elvira, hence its name. It is one of the oldest monuments in the city and reflects Granada's glorious Islamic past. Today, the outer arch from the Nasrid period is still preserved, flanked by two towers of rammed earth, all topped by battlements.

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